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Neuroplasticity Practice

——   Created by Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D.

Rewire brain to improve memory and creativity; and get rid of anxiety, depression, bad habits, procrastination etc.

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More about this course

This course has been super-simplified by a seasoned professor for general consumption. Though the course is research-basedno jargons have been used.

In this course you will learn how to improve/ alter your memory; improve creativity; get rid of anxiety and depression; change bad habits and stop procrastination etc.

The most beautiful thing is that after finishing this course, you can also help others including the once who generally don't listen to instruction... i.e. kids.

So register now and explore your new superpower.

14 Lessons

Basics of Neuroplasticity
1 min
Introduction to the Programme
free preview
3 mins
Introduction to Neuroplasticity
free preview
3 mins
Neuroplasticity: How does it work
free preview
Neuroplasticity Exercises
4 mins
Being Conscious: Exercise for Mindfulness
3 mins
Neuroplasticity Exercises: Physical
1 min
Just Before Moving Ahead...
7 mins
Neuroplasticity Exercises: Emotional
4 mins
Neuroplasticity Exercises: Social
4 mins
Neuroplasticity Exercises: Spiritual
Neuroplasticity in Special Conditions
5 mins
Neuroplasticity Exercises for Anxiety and Depression
4 mins
Neuroplasticity Exercises for Procrastination
5 mins
Neuroplasticity Exercises for Changing Bad Habits
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About the instructor

Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, Ph.D.

Prof. Krishna N. Sharma – the youngest Vice-Chancellor in the world is 8 times world record holder educator, researcher and prolific author with 35+ best-sellers …

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