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New Manager Essentials - Be a Great Leader From The Start

——   Created by Entrepreneur NOW, and Paul Bancoub

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Are you a new team leader or manager? Scared? Terrified? Confused?

In this video series I'll talk about one of the most important and exciting times in anyone's career - and that's the time you get to be a manager for the first time. It doesn't matter that you might feel like a rookie manager. You might even be scared, or excited or confused.

But the tips in this course are based on 20+ years of people management at massive companies. And I'm passing that experience right on to you!

We'll talk about how it is super-critical to understand the new roles and responsibilities you have. How to build and shape a culture that allows people to express themselves, succeed and also develop and evolve as people, while all the time delivering for you and the team.

We'll look at the hiring process, discuss how to manage welcome your new employees and hire talented individuals, and crucially how you can shape those individuals into a super-high performing team.

I've seen pretty much everything over that period and the advice in this course will help you make an excellent start in your early weeks and beyond.

19 Lessons

3 mins
What to Expect & About Me
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2 mins
Well Done!
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3 mins
It's a Different Job
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3 mins
You're Scared? Good!
3 mins
The Manager Mindset
5 mins
Set Expectations
3 mins
Get Learning Leadership!
2 mins
What is Culture?
9 mins
Culture of Fairness
3 mins
People Are Crazy
6 mins
Mastering One To One Meetings
8 mins
Are You a Manager or a Coach?
2 mins
Me? A Psychologist?
5 mins
Emotional Intelligence
7 mins
Mastering Performance Evaluations
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