OneNote Desktop & Windows 10

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OneNote is the digital note-taking tool from Microsoft. In this detailed set of OneNote tutorials, we look at how to get started using OneNote and how to make the most of this powerful productivity software.


Microsoft OneNote is now available as a full, desktop version, or as a lightweight desktop app for Windows (OneNote for Windows 10). The full desktop version of OneNote packs an impressive feature list and that is the focus of this course. However, we also include tutorials in each section on OneNote for Windows 10, so regardless of which version you use, we have you covered.


Your expert author not only teaches you how to use the tools available to you but also shows you some best practices when taking and documenting meetings and notes. Sit back and watch your productivity soar.


In this course you will learn:


●     How to get started using OneNote Desktop or OneNote Windows 10

●     How to add text, videos, images, clips, and links to OneNote

●     How to use the screen clipping tool in OneNote

●     How to format notes in OneNote

●     How to create a to-do list in OneNote

●     How to add tags in OneNote and search for content

●     How to link notes in OneNote

●     How to format pages in OneNote

●     How to use the pen tools in OneNote, including handwriting to text

●     How to link OneNote with Outlook

●     How to share notebooks in OneNote

●     How to collaborate using OneNote

●     How to customize your options in OneNote

●     About using OneNote Online and the OneNote App

71 Lessons

Section 1: An Introduction to OneNote
What to Expect from this Course
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OneNote Versions
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Working with Keyboard Shortcuts
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Using Touch Mode
Opening a OneNote notebook and touring the interface
Section 2: Getting Started with OneNote 2016
Creating a OneNote notebook
Changing notebook properties and closing
Deleting a Notebook Stored in OneDrive
Creating and Managing Locally Stored Notebook
Creating, moving and deleting sections
Creating section groups
Working with pages and subpages
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