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Online Teaching For Experts And Professionals Course

——   Created by Nour Boustani

Learn the Four Critical Steps to Becoming an Effective Online Instructor

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In this short but informative course, you will learn the process of taking your expertise and turning it into an engaging and effective online course.

Publishing an online course will not only position you as the authority expert in your industry and separate you from social media content creators but it will also expand your personal brand presence.

You will kick-start this course by understanding the core fundamentals and building blocks of creating a solid online course.

First, you will learn how to become a great teacher by understanding the role and responsibilities of teaching online.

Next, you will learn how to research your students' frustrations, understand their learning pain points, and find their desired learning outcome.

Once you are clear about your students learning demands you will learn how to deconstruct your knowledge and reconstruct them into an efficient and effective online course that gets your students what they want and transforms their lives.

You will also learn the steps of presenting your material to a final polished course using different easy and budget-friendly methods.

At the end of the course, you learn how to publish and market your course ethically and effectively.

I designed this course for professionals and experts wanting to become the authority figures of their field and expand their personal brand presence online.

Teaching online is one of the fastest and best methods to build a powerful personal brand. This course will teach you how to do it! Enroll now and I will see you on the inside.

The course project

In this course, you have learned the process of creating your online course from start to end.

Your project for this course is to create a five minutes short video tutorial teaching a solution to a specific pain point for a specific group of students.

1. You can teach your course using one of the following methods:

- The follow along with me method

- Basic theory + case study and examples

2. Make sure to follow the basic structure of teaching a skill:

- Basic theory

- How to do it

- How not to do it

- How to put it into practice

6 Lessons

10 mins
The Building Blocks of Effective Online Teaching
8 mins
How to Find Your Students' Struggles and Learning Objectives
17 mins
How to Structure and Simplify Your Course Materials
12 mins
How to Present Your Course Materials Effectively
10 mins
How to Publish and Sell Your Course
4 mins
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