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Operations Management - Process Mapping & Supply Chain

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Learn The Fundamentals of Operations Management

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This course aims to provide in-depth knowledge of aspects that are critical for the Supply Chain Management of any business. Supply Chain Management is effectively coordinating the process of production, managing inventories, location and transportation of goods and services to achieve the best sustainable outcome for the customer.


Upon the completion of this course, users will be able to:

• Undertake independent research to understand the theoretical and practical knowledge of operations management to solve current business challenges.

• Understand and analyse the key concepts of process management.

• Apply critical thinking to supply chain management, quality and productivity management.

• Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of communication and information flow in the business to improve current business practice.

• Critically evaluate and synthesize information from a wide range of sources to determine research skills, and demonstrate the capacity to document the outcomes in process management with sound analysis and recommendations.

TIME: Up to 12 Hours


• No prerequisites.

• No materials distributed.

• No formal assessments required.

36 Lessons

Unit 1: Process Management, Process Mapping and Design
4 mins
Lecture 1.1: Introduction to Process Management
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3 mins
Lecture 1.2: Processes
4 mins
Lecture 1.3: Procedures
6 mins
Lecture 1.4: Process Mapping & Design
7 mins
Lecture 1.5: Where Can Process Mapping Be Used?
3 mins
Lecture 1.6: Types of Processes
Unit 2: Procedural Outline and Quality, Communication Management & Process Re-Engineering
2 mins
Lecture 2.1: Procedural Outline and Quality and Standard Operating Procedures
free preview
3 mins
Lecture 2.2: Communication and Information Management
4 mins
Lecture 2.3: The Cascade
4 mins
Lecture 2.4: The "Suck-Up" Model of Communication
5 mins
Lecture 2.5: Process Re-Engineering
Unit 3: Quality and Productivity Management
5 mins
Lecture 3.1: Quality and Productivity Management
free preview
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