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Paint a Semi-Realistic Romantic Rose

——   Created by Michelle Gonzalez

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More about this course

Roses are one of our favorite subjects to paint and so in this class, I created a step-by-step guide on how beginners can paint a semi-realistic rose. This class is filmed in real time so you can have a better grasp of how the strokes are made. Every lesson provides you with clear voice instructions as well. The class begins with materials you’ll need, followed by an introduction to watercolor painting basics that will be helpful to learn when painting roses. Then we start painting the petals and the leaves. This is going to be a wonderful way to further enhance your painting skills in a relaxed learning session. 

The course project

After joining my class, you will be able to paint a semi realistic rose using watercolor techniques in a systematic manner so you avoid making mistakes. By following my process, you will be pleased to see how much you’ve enhanced your painting skills, especially with a flower that is not very easy to paint. I encourage you to share your project here so I can provide my feedback

8 Lessons

4 mins
Course introduction
2 mins
14 mins
Basic techniques and brush strokes
5 mins
Painting the petals: Part 1: wet on wet technique
5 mins
Painting the petals: Part 2: wet on dry technique
10 mins
Painting the leaves: Part 1: base layer
6 mins
Painting the leaves: Part 2: details
1 min
Final thoughts

About the instructor

It you!

Hello, I'm Michelle, also known as @brushstrokesbymichelle on Instagram, and I am a watercolor artist and teacher from Manila, Philippines. 

I started pursuing my artistic passion …

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