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Paint Boats and Water

——   Created by Darren Yeo

Learn Essential Watercolor Techniques

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This 'paint-along' Watercolor boats course is designed for beginners. This class will strengthen your understanding and application of essential watercolor techniques and design elements. There are three FUN and EASY demonstrations included. Enroll now and show off your paintings to your family and friends! 

By the end of this course, you will have a firm understanding in how to apply the essential watercolour techniques of wet-in-wet, wet-in-dry and drybrush. You should feel confident to create your own original paintings with vibrant colours and character. I will walk you through how to complete this painting step by step, and how you can apply this same process to paint other similar boat and water landscapes. 

In this Paint Boats and Water course, I will cover basics such as:

  • Creating stunning contrast through the correct use of values in painting
  • Using essential watercolour techniques such as wet-in-wet and wet-on-dry
  • Applying the above techniques to paint skies, clouds, water.

Demonstration Paintings:

The course project

The Class Project is to complete 1-3 paintings, following along to the included lessons. Upload your paintings to the projects section. Class Challenge: I've love to see who comes up with the most interesting and original looking scene. How about changing the clouds around, or adding different boats to the scene? Maybe a different background?

For the Class Project, I've included scans of my paintings below. I drew these imagined scenes with loose pencil sketches beforehand. Try to use my sketches a general guide. I'm a bit different from other instructors, as I want you to try and create your own original scene from my demonstrations. This will encourage you to be more adventurous with your techniques and try different compositions that might appeal to you and help you grow as an artist. The main goal of this class is to give you ample opportunities to practice and improve your watercolor techniques, and know where to apply them depending on the context and mood you want to convey. 

5 Lessons

1 min
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1 min
Boats in Watercolour Instructions
free preview
22 mins
Paint a Sunset Scene
25 mins
Paint a City Backdrop Scene
14 mins
Paint a wet-in-wet Scene

About the instructor

Darren Yeo
Darren Yeo
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Hi, I'm Darren from Watercolour Mentor, and I'm here to Mentor, Encourage and Inspire you in your watercolour journey! I like to provide as …

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