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Paint Expressive Florals with Thinned Acrylic Paint

——   Created by Heidi Cogdill

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1h 10m
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In this class, we’ll be using thinned acrylic paint to create an expressive, almost watercolor-styled, floral. With Expressive Florals we aren’t trying to create a photo-realistic flower, instead, it’s about creating florals that are sketchy and fluid…and full of your own personal expression.

You will begin by gathering inspiration and creating a color palette to use as a reference. Then I’ll show you how to use those references to sketch out the flowers and then how to use that sketch as a guide to paint your expressive florals.

For this class, you’ll need acrylic paint, of any kind. I’ll show you how to thin your acrylic with water and also with a flow medium and how each reacts on the paper. 

The key to this style is the use of brush strokes. In this class, I do recommend using long bristle brushes, like liner brushes. These brushes offer the best strokes for this style of expressive florals.

The course project

Your project for this class includes two parts:

1) Your sketchy floral

2) Your Painted Expressive Floral

You'll first create your floral using the sketchy line method and then select either water-thinned or flow medium-thinned acrylic to paint your Expressive Floral.

10 Lessons

2 mins
3 mins
3 mins
Finding References
6 mins
Create Your Color Palette
7 mins
How to Thin Acrylic Paint
6 mins
Practice Brush Strokes
11 mins
Drawing Flowers
18 mins
Paint with Water-Thinned Acrylic
18 mins
Paint with Flow Medium-Thinned Acrylic
1 min

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Heidi  Cogdill
Heidi Cogdill
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Hey, hey!! I'm Heidi an artist, writer, and teacher. I love to create classes centered on using one tool or technique and using them in …

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