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Painting a Watercolor Poppy

——   Created by Irina Trzaskos

Explore 3 watercolor styles

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1h 15m
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The poppy painting will make a beautiful addition to your creative portfolio, or to your wall art collection.

These beautiful flowers are always on trend in decor world.

I love poppies and creating this class was such a joy for me. I hope you will like it, too.

In this class I will explain step by step how to draw and paint peonies in 3 different styles: 

  • in a loose painterly style 
  • in traditional realistic looking style
  • using fine liner and watercolor

Also, we will do a quick study to understand a poppy flower and its details and will mix colors for our beautiful illustration.

In the project section of the class "Your Project" you can find helpful materials for this class.

This class is geared toward all flowers and watercolor lovers.

The course project

For the class project paint a poppy flower in the style which the most appeals to you, or in all three styles. Share your progress and final result in Project Gallery of this class to inspire your classmates.

SUPPLIES: (You can use your favorite supplies, below I mentioned the brands I used)

  • Watercolor Paint (I use "White Nights" watercolor paints by Nevskaya Palitra)
  • Watercolor Paper (I used Canson, cold press 140lb)
  • Sharp pencil HB
  • Eraser
  • Large Watercolor round brush #8-#12
  • Medium size round watercolor brush with a good tip (I used Da Vinci Kolinsky Sable #4).
  • Small size brush (I used Da Vinci Kolinsky Sable #2 and American Painter 4050 Script Liner)
  • Fine Liner, make sure it is a waterproof one (Sharpie Fine Liner)
  • Paper towels
  • Paint palette
  • Water
  • Office paper
  • Optional White gouache or white pen

Below and attached are the reference pictures I used in this class, source

Thank you for watching my class, I can't wait to see your beautiful projects! x Irina.

8 Lessons

1 min
free preview
2 mins
free preview
9 mins
Study of watercolor poppy
12 mins
Mixing colors
14 mins
Painterly watercolor poppy
22 mins
Realistic watercolor poppy
18 mins
Pen and watercolor poppy
1 min
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Hi, I am Irina - watercolor artist and illustrator.

Welcome to my channel dedicated to all Watercolor Beginners.

Here, I share my knowledge of watercolor, …

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