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Part 2: Make an SVG font in Photoshop

——   Created by Ria Green

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In this class you will learn how to make an SVG font in Photoshop! SVG or Opentype SVG fonts can have colors, shades, textures and transparency and they're the new kid on the block in the design world! Let me show you how to make them :)

The course project

Make your own SVG font in Photoshop and post it so that we can see. I cannot wait to see what you create :) 

9 Lessons

1 min
Introduction: SVG fonts in Photoshop
1 min
What are SVG fonts?
1 min
What is Fontself Maker
2 mins
Fontself in Photoshop
4 mins
Building your font in Photoshop
5 mins
Import to Fontself in Photoshop
5 mins
Spacing and kerning
4 mins
New styles and recoloring your font
1 min
Class project

About the instructor

Ria Green
Ria Green
  • 2 courses

I'm a Surface Designer, Illustrator and Photographer from sunny Bloemfontein, in the middle of South Africa.

I am married to Brent, and we have two …

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