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Performance Management

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Principles of Performance management, Learn Managing employee performance, Learn Data-Driven Performance Measurements

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Performance Management

It's not easy to motivate someone to be their best. What are your strategies for achieving peak performance? How do you create a motivating workplace where individuals want to give it they are all? How do you assess and manage the performance of your team? This one-day session will prepare you and give you the tools you need to master those critical abilities.

This Certified Performance Management Professional course focuses on the principles of performance management that lead to successful and efficient organizational performance. By developing the next generation of performance specialists, this course will give a strong foundation in deploying performance management. They will serve as the foundation for the organization's success. Managing employee performance makes it easier to achieve strategic and operational objectives. There is a direct link between the use of performance management programs and better company and organizational outcomes. For managing and evaluating employees, developing their abilities, and improving organizational performance, having a valid but effective performance management system is critical. The goal of performance management is to increase individual, team, and organizational performance. It creates a culture in which individuals and groups are held accountable for the ongoing improvement of business processes as well as their own abilities and contributions. Furthermore, this knowledge of performance will aid you in comprehending, establishing, activating, reporting, and generating value through the use of KPIs across the firm. You will obtain theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience with a number of performance management tools and strategies after finishing this course.

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  • Finance students, managers, accountants or anyone who wants to upgrade their skill in the area of financial accounting.
  • Learn this course if you want to extend your knowledge in financial management.

37 Lessons

8 mins
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9 mins
Budget Variance
5 mins
Master / Static Budget
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8 mins
Direct Labor Variance
6 mins
Rate & Efficiency Variance
7 mins
Direct material variance
10 mins
Calculating Price Variance
7 mins
Management by Exception
5 mins
Order Quantity Variance
8 mins
Skillset Variance
6 mins
Segment wise reporting
8 mins
Transfer Pricing
8 mins
Market Price Model
8 mins
Negotiated Price Model
10 mins
Performance measures
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