Personal Branding for Women Leaders

——   Created by Inez Jordan

Enhance Leadership effectiveness - Build Strong Personal Presence

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This course is for women who feel frustrated and desire more leadership recognition in the workplace. . Those who want to be a strong leader and need help and guidance on how to analyze their current brand and make positive changes to how they are perceived as a leader by others. . 

This course “Personal Branding for Women Leaders” will take you through key strategies and steps to capture who you are, what you want, and identify specific guidelines to put you on the path to becoming an effective, successful leader. This course includes personal stories, research examples and findings, and case studies to demonstrate how the topics apply in real life situations.

You will learn the benefits of strong Personal Presence and the importance of building your brand and maintaining it.

The course covers: 

  • How an effective leader influences and inspires their team
  • The importance of writing your story or narrative
  • How daily activities impact your brand
  • How to assess how you are perceived by others
  • The importance of feedback and how to use it
  • How to nurture your brand and use your personal power
  • The impact of body language - appearance and verbal / virtual delivery
  • How to practice “Being Present”
  • The importance of building your “Me” team
  • How to practice what you learn and stay motivated

The course project

The course is very interactive, with suggested “Call to Action” activities throughout the course lessons, enabling you to apply the learning right away.  

19 Lessons

Welcome / Overview
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Focus On You
How Do You Show Up?
What Is Your Brand?
Analyzing Feedback
Applying Feedback
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Nurture Your Brand
What Does It Look Like?
Key Components
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Delivery - Stance & Gestures
Delivery - Verbal & Virtual
Be Present
Take Your Space!
Create A Checklist
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About the instructor

As a reflective business and emotional intelligence coach, I partner with clients to enhance personal presence and build key leadership and emotional intelligence skills.

As a Leadership Development Consultant and Professional Development coach, I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them identify and set goals, identify their blind …

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