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Do Your Personal SWOT analysis & Grow in Your Career

——   Created by Mayur Pangrekar

Find strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats

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Learn from a life coach who has taught more than 10000 people worldwide through video courses.

Perhaps you are starting your career or you have worked for few years and now you want to grow in your career. In both cases, this course is going to be very beneficial to you. The name of the tool taught in this course is SWOT analysis. Previously, SWOT analysis used to be conducted for a business but it is beneficial to our personal life and career also.

A personal SWOT analysis provides insights based on your personality strengths and weaknesses, what challenges you see ahead of you, and what opportunities are present around you now and in the future.

SWOT analysis provides you with a good foundation for personal growth. Career does not move forward automatically. For that, you need to think, plan and implement new methods.

Why choose this video course?

1. Why knowing strengths & weaknesses are important

2. 9 questions to find your strengths and weaknesses

3. Know opportunities and threats you face

4. Solid action plan for personal growth

5. Your complete SWOT analysis

7. Helps you to know and prioritize your important goals

Target audience

  1. Entrepreneurs   
  2. Aspiring entrepreneurs   
  3. Working professional   
  4. Students 

What will students learn in your course? 

  1. Importance of SWOT analysis
  2. How to find your strengths & weaknesses
  3. How to find your opportunities & threats
  4. How to convert strengths & opportunities into real results

Course requirements 

  1. Willingness to learn new methods
  2. Willingness to do assignment
  3. Watch all videos

10 Lessons

4 mins
SWOT analysis benefits
free preview
4 mins
SWOT analysis importance
free preview
8 mins
SWOT strengths and weaknesses
14 mins
Find your 4 strengths with 4 room model
5 mins
Examples of strengths and 10 questions to find your strengths
11 mins
Find your weaknesses 7 questions with examples
8 mins
SWOT opportunities and threats
5 mins
SWOT 2 techniques
8 mins
SWOT my example
4 mins
Connect the Dots

About the instructor

Mayur Pangrekar

· Certified life coach, CCA, Canada, 2018

· Certified NLP coach practitioner, ICTA, Europe, 2020

· Corporate trainer

· Trained by Dr. Vivek …

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