Photoshop CC 2014

——   Created by Marty Geller

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Welcome to Photoshop CC 2014!

In this course we're going to go over 9 different projects, ranging from creating a superhero emblem to merging two faces together.

There's a lot of fun lessons included in this course, and I hope you learn a lot about Photoshop CC 2014

The course project

There are 9 projects included in this course. Just about every lesson is a new project.

Don't forget to create your projects on and share them with me!

Happy designing!

10 Lessons

Create perfect glitch text!
Super hero emblem (part 1)
Super hero emblem (part 2)
How to combine two faces into one!
How to create a newspaper photo effect & custom headline!
How to quickly smooth skin and remove blemishes & scars
How to replace a face in a Photoshop CC 2014
Chalk outline on brick wall
How to transform yourself into an animal!
How to transform a photo into a brick wall portrait
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About the instructor

Marty Geller, Founder and Director of Blue Lightning TV Photoshop, has had a long career providing on-air and print work for the television and entertainment industries. Clients have included NBC, ABC, CBS, VH-1, numerous advertising agencies, national magazines, recording labels and major book publishers. His television work includes "Late Night …

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