Photoshop CC 2017

——   Created by Marty Geller

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1h 30m
Lesson time
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More about this course

Welcome to Photoshop CC 2017!

Together we'll be creating a wide variety of designs, ranging from wood and gold designs to fire text and night vision.

These are ultra realistic designs made entirely using Photoshop CC 2017.

The course project

There are 11 projects in this course. Make sure you create and share your final projects with me and the rest of the class.

Have fun learning Photoshop CC 2017!

11 Lessons

11 mins
Gold leaf on leather
8 mins
Led stadium lights
15 mins
Fire text
7 mins
Mosaic photo portrait
10 mins
Splatter paint portraits
11 mins
How to create a wax seal with raised text
6 mins
Night vision
8 mins
Torn paper portrait
5 mins
Summer to winter
7 mins
7 mins
Wood brand

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Marty  Geller
Marty Geller
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Marty Geller, Founder and Director of Blue Lightning TV Photoshop, has had a long career providing on-air and print work for the television and entertainment …

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