Photoshop CC 2021

——   Created by Marty Geller

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6h 28m
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Welcome to Photoshop CC 2021, the newest version of Photoshop!

In this free course you will learn everything from vintage effects to cool fire animals. We'll cover a lot of ground in this course, but luckily every lesson is a standalone lesson and doesn't require knowledge from a previous lesson - so feel free to jump around to the most intriguing lessons!

Have fun, and I'll see you in class!

The course project

There are over 35 lessons and every lesson is its own standalone project.

Don't forget to share your progress in the project section!

Happy designing!

40 Lessons

11 mins
Add planets to an alien landscape
8 mins
CRT video graphic effect
12 mins
Cave drawings
10 mins
Chocolate pop
12 mins
Cobblestone street art
15 mins
Comic book bubble art
9 mins
Double exposure
15 mins
Exploding planet
9 mins
Face on paper money
11 mins
Fire animal
6 mins
Fog and mist
16 mins
Gold medallion coin
11 mins
Granite sculpture effect
8 mins
Stipple portrait effect
7 mins
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Marty  Geller
Marty Geller
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Marty Geller, Founder and Director of Blue Lightning TV Photoshop, has had a long career providing on-air and print work for the television and entertainment …

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