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Planning: An Excel Sheets and Bullet Journaling Approach

——   Created by Silvia Njoki

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Learn how to plan your project/month/year in this project using Google Sheets and Bullet Journaling. In this class, we will explore how to create a project for your year or quarter and how to oversee its execution. You will only need access to Google Sheets, a notebook and a pen for this project. 

Students without any prior experience can take on this class for an introduction into planning. Furthermore, those with experience will benefit from the tips and tricks included within the course. 

Topics I will cover include:

  • Creating project: we will list different projects based on personal goals and visions for our life. 
  • Distinguishing goals and systems: differentiating goals from systems will guide you on how to create working elements to push you toward meeting your goal.
  • Identifying milestones/ Key performance indicators: we shall incorporate quantifiable metrics to assess progress within our goals. 
  • Creating timelines: learn how to create reasonable timelines for your project so that all projects within your life move concurrently.
  • Journaling: how to journal for goals and creating checklists which match the excel sheet template
  • Assessing progress: Comparing your current place vs. where you started to know whether you are moving towards your objective. 

I'll be using Google Excel Sheets and a Bullet Journal for this project. However, you can adopt one of the options for the project, since all you need to do is break down the project into milestones and create timelines for the same. 

As a result, you will learn how to adopt these systems within any space (work and personal). It will enable you to reach your goals as I have done for the past four years!

The course project

For your class project, make a copy of your Planning Template (Make a copy).

You will create a project to work on over 1-2 months based on the attached template. This will give you an opportunity to assess your passions and what timelines you can work on the passion projects. 

Create suitable measures of success as well as key performance indicators, which will provide a space for you to work on the projects. These should also be personalized based on your time and ability to focus on the project. 

Once complete, transfer these to the monthly template. Create timelines for the 1-2month period. 

Assess your progress and share your plans with an accountability partner to enable you to work on the project fully. Also ensure that you note down your projects in your journal using a pen and paper (or alternative mode of journaling. 

I look forward to viewing your projects

7 Lessons

2 mins
2 mins
Class project
3 mins
Defining terms
4 mins
Creating project timelines
9 mins
Bullet journaling finally comes in
5 mins
Assessing your progress
2 mins
Final thoughts

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Silvia Njoki
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