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Play Music By Ear - Part two - Melody

——   Created by Michael Emenau

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1h 50m
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More about this course

In this course I will be taking you through a series of listening exercises and examples of how to listen, and discover how to play melodies by ear. We will start with very simple songs to give you the tools and confidence to play music freely while listening and understanding why and what music is.

There is no requirement of previous experience with music or music lessons. This course can also be very effective for music students who have only ever played music by reading sheet music.

What will students learn in your course:

  • How to play simple melodies by ear
  • How to find notes on an instrument using their ears
  • The names of the notes on a keyboard
  • How to tell between high and low notes
  • Techniques for listening to a song to help discover the melody
  • How to play a song in different keys

This course is part of a 4 part series teaching you how to play music by ear. In this course I will be speaking specifically about rhythm, getting your body and mind in synch with rhythm and how to play a couple rhythm instruments. Parts 2 and 3 will focus on Melody and Harmony. These courses can be taken without the rhythm component (part 1), but of course the more you know the easier it all becomes. In Part 4 - Song Discovery, we will be using all we have learned in the previous 3 courses (rhythm, melody, harmony) and putting it together to learn songs by ear.

There are downloadable documents for some of the lessons..

class #3 - Tuner APP info:

class #5 - High - Low test answers

class #6 - Low - High supplemental test answers

class #9 - High - Low - Same - Octave test answers

class #12 - Low - Medium - High test answers

class #17 -Mary had a Little Lamb Scale Degrees

class #18 -Happy Birthday Scale Degrees

I have also included downloadable jpegs of the 12 scales (after class #18 document)

18 Lessons

4 mins
What is pitch?
4 mins
Find a note sign a note
5 mins
How to use a tuner
2 mins
High low
6 mins
High low test
4 mins
High low supplemental
9 mins
Naming the notes
4 mins
What is an Octave?
5 mins
High low Octave same test
7 mins
First song by ear!
7 mins
Find two notes
7 mins
Low Medium High test
8 mins
Find three notes
9 mins
Twinkle twinkle by ear
5 mins
What is a key?
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About the instructor

Michael Emenau

Michael Emenau - Is the creator of the award winning children's music education /ear training APP "EASY MUSIC". Since its release in 2016 EASY MUSIC …

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