Play Music by Ear - Part One - Rhythm

——   Created by Michael Emenau

How to undestand and internalize musical rhythms

49m of on-demand video

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  • Michael Emenau
    Michael Emenau

    Music Teacher, Performer and App Developer

  • Biography

    Michael Emenau - Is the creator of the award winning children's music education /ear training APP "EASY MUSIC". Since its release in 2016 EASY MUSIC (140,000+ paid downloads) has been selected as:

    · “iTunes Editor’s Choice “Best New APP” (iTunes/App Store Worldwide)

    · “Top 10 Apps of 2016” (iTunes/App Store Worldwide, all categories)

    · "Parents Choice -Silver Award"

    · "Tech with Kids - Best APP"

    · “Must Buy” - Good APP Guide

    Michael has extensive experience as a piano, drum and vibraphone teacher, as well as, a content developer and blogger for NY based electronic music school DubSpot.

    He has worked professionally as a musician, composer, producer, and arranger for 25+ years, playing such diverse genres as, Jazz, Rock, Salsa, Electronica, Country, Hindustani, Baroque, Klezmer and Orchestral music. During this time he has recorded on over 150 CD’s, composed music for 7 films, toured internationally, and lived on 3 continents. As a recording artist he has released a series of highly acclaimed solo CD’s on the boutique record labels Hearts of Space, Daikini, Lucky Bear and Six Degree’s records.

    Currently Michael is part of the world-touring ensemble “The Triplets of Belleville” with Oscar nominated composer Benôit Charest. He also is leading his own touring group “SUSSEX”, which blends Americana, Roots, and ragtime music.

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    Course content

    4 mins
    Lesson #1 - Walk and Count
    free preview
    2 mins
    Lesson #2 - Keep walking "and"
    free preview
    4 mins
    Lesson #3 - Walking with a little backbeat
    3 mins
    Lesson #4 - Add the right hand
    3 mins
    Lesson #5 - Bonus surprise lesson!
    5 mins
    Lesson #6 - Finding the beats
    free preview
    3 mins
    Lesson #7 - Thriller
    7 mins
    Lesson #8 - Using chords to find the beat
    3 mins
    Lesson #9 - Fingersnap edition
    3 mins
    Lesson #10 - Syncopated vocals
    3 mins
    Lesson #11 - Mozarts groove
    2 mins
    Lesson #12 - Walk - Count - Tap
    1 min
    Lesson #13 - A Thrilling Walk
    2 mins
    Lesson #14 - Pulse vrs. Rhythm
    free preview
    6 mins
    Lesson #15 - Different time signatures
    6 mins
    Lesson #16 - Shake it UP!

    What you'll learn

    • Break down and explain the underlying structures of music rhythm
    • How to internalize your sense of rhythm
    • Connect your hands and feet to the rhythms you hear
    • Understand different time signatures
    • Learn how to clap along and play simple percussion instruments with music
    • Differentiating rhythm and pulse
    • Demonstrating how to find the beats in different styles of music
    • How to make music part of your everyday experience
    • This course is a taken from a section of my course "Play Music by Ear- From Beginner to Fluency"
    Who this course is for:
    • People curious in how music works.
    • Musicians who want to play music by ear