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Play Music By Ear - Part four - Song Discovery

——   Created by Michael Emenau

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In this course We will be taking all that we have learned in the previous three courses and use the

There is no requirement of previous experience with music or music lessons. This course can also be very effective for music students who have only ever played music by reading sheet music.

What will students learn in your course:

  • The basics of harmony and chords
  • How chords work and enhance a melody
  • Which chords sound "good" together
  • Step by step process to learn a song by ear
  • How to Play "Hello" by Adele
  • How to accompany yourself while playing and singing
  • This course follows naturally from How to Play Music by ear - Part 3 - Harmony/Chords

The class project will be as follows:

Follow the lessons and learned over time how to play this song on either piano, guitar, or other instrument. You can sing and accompany yourself, or play the melody with your right hand while playing chords with your left hand. Please feel free to record and upload your finished version.

I have attached a version of "Hello" in E Minor to work thorough this class

6 Lessons

2 mins
8 mins
Keys and chords
7 mins
Chorus melody
free preview
6 mins
Cerse and pre chorus melody
5 mins
Mini concert
2 mins

About the instructor

Michael Emenau

Michael Emenau - Is the creator of the award winning children's music education /ear training APP "EASY MUSIC". Since its release in 2016 EASY MUSIC …

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