Portrait Photography Lighting Patterns

——   Created by Esther White

Learn how to recognize and apply 9 different lighting patterns used in Portrait Photography.

17m of on-demand video

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  • Esther White
    Esther White

    Award Winning Photographer

  • Biography

    My name is Esther White, but I go by - Estee.

    I started doing photography in 2012. I have been a

    Professional Photographer for over 9 years

    and I have experience with most genres of Photography.

    I have done photoshoots in: Israel, United Kingdom and Bulgaria.

    Occasionally I travel to further destinations - such as New York :)

    In the last several years I have been photographing

    primarily Macro, Dance and Portraits.

    I have been building and maintaining my own sites for over 10 years

    and I started getting into coding about 2 years ago.



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    Course content

    3 mins
    Intro - What is Portrait Photography Lighting all About?
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    2 mins
    I am Using Super Affordable Gear - and so can you.
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    2 mins
    Few Important Terms - Catchlight, Key Light, Fill Light and more.
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    1 min
    Getting Ready for the Photoshoot.
    2 mins
    Split Lighting
    1 min
    Broad Lighting
    2 mins
    Short vs Broad Lighting
    2 mins
    Rembrandt Lighting
    1 min
    Loop Lighting
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    2 mins
    Butterfly Lighting
    1 min
    Clamshell vs Butterfly Lighting
    2 mins
    Flat vs Even Lighting
    2 mins
    Rim Lighting
    1 min
    All the Lighting Patterns Side by Side

    What you'll learn

    You might have seen a lot of courses and videos about portrait photography lighting patterns and usually they have something in common - the photographers are taking the photos in large studios and they are using a lot of lighting sources and most of them are expensive ones. This is understandable because of course the longer we work in the industry the more we want to improve and we need to stay competitive, and we often start investing in more and more gear.

    But - a beginner photographer cannot afford all of that ! There are not enough videos showing how you can learn and practice the lighting patterns, even if you have very limited resources.

    This is why I created my video course. I wanted to show beginner photographers that they can do a lot even with cheap lighting, even in a tiny space. Not having all that fancy gear that a lot of photographers are showing and often promoting, is absolutely fine, and it is not an obstacle.

    The best thing you can do is start learning the patterns as early as possible so when your clients arrive - you are prepared :)