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Portrait Sketching Easy

——   Created by Evgeniy Stasenko

Portrait in Full Face and Profile View

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1h 59m
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More about this course

Drawing a portrait is considered a complex task. In a classical way, you first need to study anatomy, structure, shading techniques, the basics of perspective. And only then you can start drawing the head.

But in fact we don't need anatomy and perspective for sketching in two main positions, they are simple enough.

Our classes generally will be focused on studying the main proportions of the human head and the specific features responsible for portrait similarity.

What you'll get at the end of the course? You'll be able to draw recognizable portraits in two main positions: full face and profile view. I invite you to join and try out Portrait Sketching Easy!

The course project

Each lesson in this course contains a theoretical part and a practical task. You will start by mastering a simple markup scheme that helps to keep the proportions of the head in your drawing.

In the following lessons, you'll be mastering the understanding and practical sketching skill of face parts. We see that all the persons have their own unique characteristics. I call it key features of similarity. You'll master the practical skill by depicting the sets of face parts from different people.

Knowing the basic proportions of the head and face allows us to avoid mistakes and draw the correct head. To make this a portrait, we need to show the specific features of a particular person.

Let's start! I wish you happy sketching!

12 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
7 mins
Sketching tools and some hints
free preview
11 mins
Human head proportions - front view
9 mins
Human head proportions - side view
14 mins
Eyes and eyebrows - basics and individual features
10 mins
Nose - basics and individual features
10 mins
Mouth and lips - basic shape and individual features
12 mins
Ears - difficult or easy?
17 mins
Head shape - mini and micro portraits
10 mins
Using visual measuring for proportions
13 mins
Portrait in full face
11 mins
Portrait in profile

About the instructor

Evgeniy Stasenko

Hello, I'm Evgeniy.

I am an artist from Moscow but recently I moved to Barcelona. I graduated from Moscow Padagogical University, Fine Arts & Graphic …

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