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Posca Challenge

——   Created by Kicki the Vibe

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Are you up for some fun and colorful illustrations with the amazing Posca pens?

In this class you´ll have the chance to explore 4 Posca-challenges:

#1 An apple with patterns inside

#2 Make your own  summer sign

#3 A hare on colored paper

#4 A powerful banner

What do you learn in class? You will learn:

  • How to find inspiration on Pinterest
  • How to make something new with inspiration from a poster or a photo
  • How to play and draw wonderful illustrations with Posca pens
  • How to make details with Posca pens

  • To use Posca pens in combination with acrylic paint

Join class - and have fun while drawing!

The course project


Draw and upload the 4 Posca-challenge illustrations:

#1 An apple with a pattern inside

#2 A summer sign

#3 A hare on a colored background

#4 A powerful banner

You can also upload your sketches, your creative proces and your Pinterest board with patterns for the #1 Posca-challenge.



  • Posca pens (I lmosly use the sizes PC-3M and PC-5M)
  • A uni-pen or a uni-ball pen
  • Pencils for sketching
  • A sketch book 
  • Paper for acrylic paint or guache
  • Acrylic paint in one color & a brush or some colored paper as a back ground
  • small gift tags (optional)
  • glue (optional)


Posca-challenge #1: Here you have to make your own Pinterest board with patterns of your choice, go to

Posca-challenge #3: I have included a reference picture of the hare 

Posca-challenge #4: For inspiration for the powerful banner visit my Pinterest board “Banners & pennants”:

Share your illustrations

Share your illustrations and your process in the project gallery, but also do share your illustrations to Instagram and use the hash tag:



tag me @kicki_the_vibe

7 Lessons

1 min
1 min
Class Project Posca Challenge
6 mins
Posca Challenge #1 an Apple With Patterns Inside
6 mins
Posca Challenge #2 Make Your Own Summer Sign
3 mins
Posca Chalenge #3 a Hare on Colored Paper
5 mins
Posca Challenge #4 a Powerful Banner
1 min
Posca Challenge Thank You & Share on Some

About the instructor

Kicki the Vibe

I´m a passionate art teacher, artist and lover of fun and crazy stuff and dark chocolate! I have conducted many workshops for youngsters and grown …

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