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Pose Estimation Development using OpenPose Framework

——   Created by Ritesh Kanjee

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Learn how we implemented OpenPose Deep Learning Pose Estimation Models From Training to Inference - Step-by-Step

Pose Estimation is a computer vision technique, which can detect human figures in both images and videos. You may have first experienced Pose Estimation if you've played with an Xbox Kinect or a PlayStation Eye. Now image developing your own Pose Estimation applications but without the specialized hardware, i.e. just using an ordinary web-cam and the power of AI!

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10 Lessons

4 mins
How to join the Private Facebook Group
2 mins
4 mins
App 4 Planking:Push up Detector
4 mins
App 1 Person Counter
5 mins
Setup & Execution of Pose Estimation
7 mins
App 6 OpenPose in Unity
6 mins
App 5 Body Ratio Calculator
7 mins
App 3 Yoga Pose Angle Corrector
7 mins
App 2 Fall Detection
12 mins
Open Pose Intuition and How it Works

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Ritesh Kanjee
Ritesh Kanjee
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I've graduated from University of Johannesburg as an Electronic Engineer with a Masters in Image Processing and 8 years ago I started my online school …

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