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Positive Mental Health

——   Created by Dr Neil Thompson

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This e-learning course on Positive Mental Health, developed and presented by Carolyn Barber, offers a foundation for understanding the various components of mental health and well-being. It will be of value to professionals in the caring professions as well as to informal carers supporting people with mental health problems and, indeed, for individuals wanting to make a positive contribution to their own mental health. It is the equivalent of a full-day's continuous professional development, but constructed in such a way as to enable flexible study to suit your own schedule. 

It is based on a 5Cs model of mental health based on five key elements: 

  • Challenge
  • Character
  • Composure
  • Connection
  • Creativity

The course explores each of these in turn, offering first an overview of the important role of the element concerned, then a review of what light research and theory cast on it, a consideration of different approaches to addressing the important issues involved and, finally, additional information about particular tools or methods that can prove helpful in promoting positive mental health. 

In today's pressurised and fast-moving world many people are experiencing difficulties in maintaining good mental health. So, whether you are looking towards improving your own mental health or you work in a setting where supporting others to meet their mental health needs, this course will will give you a firm foundation on which to build. 

Written and presented by a highly experienced expert in the mental health field, this course offers an excellent basis for learning how to rise to the many mental health challenges we face.

17 Lessons

5 mins
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3 mins
Lesson 1.1 - How does challenge contribute to good mental health?
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6 mins
Lesson 1.2 - Research and theory
7 mins
Lesson 1.3 - Relevant approaches when working with others
Lesson Two: Character
4 mins
Lesson 2.1 - What do we mean by character?
11 mins
Lesson 2.2 - Research and theory
8 mins
Lesson 2.3 - Relevant approaches when working with others
Lesson Three: Composure
4 mins
Lesson 3.1 - The role of composure
11 mins
Lesson 3.2 - Research and theory
11 mins
Lesson 3.3 - Relevant approaches when working with others
Lesson Four: Connection
3 mins
Lesson 4.1 - How does connection help?
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