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Presentation Skills for Introverts (online and in person!)

——   Created by Karlo Krznarić

Tricks you can instantly apply to give engaging online and physical presentations

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Since we often have to give presentations at work, at university or at conferences, presentation skills can be a key asset that will help you advance your career and give you a sterling reputation in your professional and personal circles. This course is exactly about that. No matter what your profession or the topic that you’re speaking about is, this quick and easy course will give you the knowledge, the tools as well as tips & tricks that you can easily apply right away to make your presentations professional and captivating - whether they are online in a video call or in a physical meeting. The course has a compact format of one and a half hours, everything is demonstrated on very vivid examples and delivered with the obligatory dose of good humor.   

After this course you will be able to: 

  • Understand what a great presentation should be like
  • Shape the content of your presentation to meet the needs of your audience
  • Set up your video call environment to achieve optimal quality
  • Make your online presentations stand out from the rest
  • Create powerful slides that will work for you and not against you
  • Avoid typical mistakes in presenting
  • Use professional tricks when presenting with slides
  • Control the audience’s attention
  • Be prepared for every scenario
  • Radiate your passion while still being professional
  • Speak with a microphone in the proper way 
  • and much more

Remember, presentation skills are just that – skills. It doesn’t matter whether you’re good at it or not, nor whether you love doing it or not. If you are willing to invest some time and energy into developing those skills, you can give presentations that will impressinspire and entertain your audiences, while leaving a powerful, lasting impression.

If you are ready to do that, welcome aboard! Let’s get to work. 

21 Lessons

2 mins
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3 mins
Can Presentation Skills Really Be Learned?
free preview
The Content of Your Presentation
4 mins
What Kind of Presentation Are You Giving?
3 mins
What Is It Really About?
free preview
5 mins
Who Are You Talking To?
6 mins
Mind the Structure!
3 mins
Bring Some Backup!
Creating Your Visuals
4 mins
Useful Online Tools for Creating Your Slides
3 mins
How NOT To Make Slides
6 mins
General Guidelines for Creating Great Slides
9 mins
Working With Text
12 mins
Visual Design
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Cristin AF disliked this class and said...

As an introvert, I was really looking forward to a class that was tailored towards me. Unfortunately, this wasn’t it. I kept waiting for the instructor to talk about how an introvert can specifically get better at presenting and it never happened. Being an introvert wasn’t even mentioned during the entire presentation. This is a great class for anyone wanting the basics on presenting but if you’re an introvert wanting it geared toward that as the title suggests, you will be disappointed.

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Karlo  Krznarić
Karlo Krznarić
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Karlo is a coach with a colorful background ranging from linguistics and conference interpreting through acting and entertainment, all the way to childcare. In his …

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