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Principles & Biases in UX-Design With Real-World Examples

——   Created by Robin Kunz

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Hi all Design and UX Aficionados

In this class show you a selection of ux design biases and principles by means of real world examples only when you apply things do you understand them properl.

This class is not about the deep understanding of a bias or principle

This is not a class for endless theory input

  • You will have a broad overview of ux principles and biases with a lot of real world examples
  • You will see how big companies like tesla, uber, apple, amazon etc. are applying all of those principles but as well as smaller not so popular brands and even no no names.

So this class is all about experiencing the principles and not just reading about them!

I will cover the following principles, laws and biases:

  • Hick’s Law
  • Priming
  • Cognitive Load
  • Anchoring Bias
  • Difference between Priming and Nudging
  • Nudging
  • Progressive Disclosure
  • Confirmation Bias
  • Fitts's Law
  • Attentional Bias
  • Empathy Gap
  • Visual Anchoring
  • Von Restorff Effect
  • Social Proof
  • Tesler’s Law
  • Centre-Stage Effect
  • Aesthetic-Usability Effect
  • Scarcity
  • Curiosity Gap
  • and many more!

It will be a presentation in which I will freely talk about, so it isn't heavily scripted but the content is structured

This class is not associated with any of the mentioned brands nor has any other connections with them. This is my personal opinion about this topic.

The course project

Hi there, I am glad you are looking at the project description I think you have just watched the class? If not, then I highly recommend it :). 

If you have watched the class completly and have any questions just ask me in the discussion field in this class. I am curious if you want to know any other ux design principles and biases I have not covered yet? Why? Besides that I am eager to hear if you have experienced any of the mentioned principles and biases by yourself? Maybe you can share a project in which you encountert it? I am curious!

All the best


21 Lessons

16 mins
Hicks Law
17 mins
14 mins
Cognitive Load
14 mins
Anchoring Bias
4 mins
Diffierence between Priming and Nudging
17 mins
13 mins
Progressive Disclosure
9 mins
Confirmation Bias
14 mins
Fitts Law
4 mins
Attentional Bias
6 mins
Empathy Gap
3 mins
Visual Anchoring
16 mins
Von Restorff effect
6 mins
Tesler’s Law
3 mins
Centre Stage Effect
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