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Printing & Framing: Your Guide To Print Choices And Custom Framing At Home

——   Created by Denise Love

See how easy it is to frame your own artwork

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More about this course

This class is from a bonus section I created for my big Blooming Photography Workshop. I thought the information was so good for resources and information that you'd love to see it here too. I am focused on my photography prints in this class - but the information is just as good for art prints and for framing your original art pieces. 

We’ll go over: 

  • printing your photos (art prints)
  • paper options
  • print sizes
  • signing your prints
  • framing choices from cheap all the way up to custom
  • and I’ll show you how to custom frame your photos with a mat and without a mat from one of my very favorite online custom frame resources! 

This is a nice little deep-dive into printing and framing with my sources that you are going to love. Once you see how easy it is to frame some of your artwork for yourself – you’ll be hooked. 

(My resources are US-based since that is where I am located. If you are in another country – I encourage you to look at the wonderful options I’m showing you and google for some good, similar, resources near you. Most of these will have some kind of availability where you are from vendors local to you.)

The course project

I wanted to give you lots of info and resources in this workshop so you would feel comfortable jumping into some framing for yourself. For your class project - I want you to frame a piece of your own work. whether you choose to do a photo, an art print, or an original piece of art - I want to see the choices you made and the finished piece of art you framed. 

Below are my resources I mention in the class videos:

I’m in the US, so the links I’m sharing would be local to me. I’d recommend if you are in another country, that you check out your local printers, and google online printers to see what choices might be local to you. I’m pretty certain the papers I’m talking about in the video would still apply to you and be a bit more universal.

I’d recommend you get print samples of any papers you might be interested in to see how your work really performs on each paper choice. 

Bay Photo

Millers lab


Giclee Today

My Photo Pipe

CG Pro Prints (canvas)

Frame Destinations is the source I’m using for the custom frames in this workshop. They will make just about any size you need, and sell whole frame kits and pieces. The pricing is easily 1/3 the price of going to the custom framer from what I have had framed and what I ordered from here. There isn’t as large a selection on Frame Destination as there was at my local custom framer – but for the cost difference – it is definitely going to be my go-to source for everything I might need to be framed for my art that I hang in my house, that I sell, or that I put up in galleries.

If you Google “online custom framing”, a ton of sites come up (If you are in another country – then definitely check google for your choices as I’m sharing sources where I live in the US). I’d definitely check them out as the ones I came across look interesting and they might have other frame styles you like. I haven’t tried any of them out beyond the one I’m showing you, so I don’t know if they have the same type of ship times or options. Each site has some extensive resources on using their products if you need further research and questions.

Here are a few I’ve seen come up on my search for online custom frames:

Frame Destination

Frame it Easy

Custom frame solutions

Picture frames

Frame Bridge

American Frame

Simply Framed

Level Frames

 Dust cover – here is an excellent article with links to recommended archival products for adding a dust cover to your frame. I found this really helpful as it gives you the paper and the type of glue that they recommend at Frame Destinations. Their blog resources are fantastic if you have any further questions on framing beyond what I’m showing you in the video above. 

Other sources I mention in the videos for frames:



Dick Blick

Fine Art America

Red Bubble

Society 6

Artifact Uprising

CG Pro Prints (canvas)

8 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
26 mins
Printing your photos
12 mins
Paper options
free preview
6 mins
Print sizes
4 mins
Signing your prints
33 mins
Framing choices
25 mins
Custom home framing no mat
26 mins
Custom home framing with mat

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