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Procreate Tutorial, a realistic hare (digital ipad drawing)

——   Created by Martine Venis-Heethaar

creating realistic fur in procreate

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2h 31m
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In this course I will show you how to create realistic fur in Procreate and show you that drawing on your iPad (in the app Procreate) is a lot of fun! The tutorial is realistic and challenging but if you follow the steps, I'm sure you can do it! If you don't know the basics of Procreate yet, you can always go to one of my beginner tutorials first. With a basic understanding of the app, you can do this! Procreate is a serious drawing app on the iPad, used by professionals; and it works the best in combination with an apple pencil. I've added the color palette and the brushes to the course, so you can import them in your procreate app and get started. You can tap them and a little circle indicating that your iPad is downloading them will appear. Then, tap the little icon and import the brushes into procreate. I've also added the reference , the line- art, in case you've got problems creating the line-art yourself. Although I will show you how to create that one too! I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with the brushes and this tutorial. So let’s color the world!

  • you need an ipad with an apple pencil and the app Procreate of course

7 Lessons

18 mins
Creating the Lineart
12 mins
Drawing the Eye
30 mins
Drawing the Ear
29 mins
Drawing the Head
23 mins
Drawing the Body
35 mins
Drawing the Legs and Final Details
8 mins
Drawing the Whiskers

About the instructor

Martine  Venis-Heethaar

Martine has attended art school in the Netherlands, this school was specialised in realistic oil painting; painting like the old masters did. But during this …

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