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Procurement & Supply Planning tools and techniques

——   Created by Haytham Omar

Learn how to Make purchasing strategies ,MRP, forecast, inventory policies and techniques to minimize supply costs

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13h 03m
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Welcome to Procurement & supply planning tools and techniques. In this course, we will learn :

1-how to do forecasting for purchasing and procurement purposes?

2- what are the strategies we use for negotiation with suppliers.

3- how to do make or buy decisions?

4- how to count for safety stock when buying finished products, materials, and components?

5- How to segment suppliers to maximize cost?

6- The difference between bidding strategies and when to choose each one of them.

7- The types of Contracts and when to choose one of them.

8- How to mitigate risk when sourcing

The course combines analytics and theory. during which, you will have a supply planning journey where you will be responsible for forecasting, planning for production, and Material requirement planning. 

About the Instructor:

Consultant in Supply Chain Management & Business Intelligence

Rescale Analytics – Dubai

• Supply chain and data science consultant for several national and multinational clients in the UAE and France.

• Data Scientist, Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management from Bordeaux Ecole de Management, Bordeaux, France

Omar is a certified instructor in Supply Chain Analytics and holds a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in supply chain and data science at the University of Bordeaux

He is currently conducting workshops and seminars in Supply chain and data science as well as consultancy projects for Multinational companies. Haytham conducted more than 70 workshops and gave lectures for three and a half years in logistics, supply chain management, and data science

Who this course is for:
  • supply chain professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Forecasting and inventory practiotionars
  • Logistics professionals.

147 Lessons

5 mins
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8 mins
Supply chain overview
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12 mins
Supply chain views
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5 mins
Objective of supply chain
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6 mins
Planning Tools
5 mins
inventory planning tools
5 mins
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7 mins
Why we need Procurement
6 mins
Vertically integrated Procurement
3 mins
Horizontally integrated supply chains.
4 mins
The Procurement Space
5 mins
The Procurement Space 2
8 mins
What is the Best Deal?
7 mins
Procurement Strategies
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About the instructor

Haytham Omar
Haytham Omar
  • 5 courses

"Never follow a book by its cover, In a world that changes every second, we must be resilient and proactive. " Consultant / Developer /Trainer …

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