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Productivity Destroyers 101

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Every Single one of us is fond of becoming more productive......Doing more......Achieving more and using every ounce of our day to check the next milestone off our to do list.

The problem is not in learning " How to be productive " rather than " what is making you unproductive ?"

There is a huge difference between both statements which we are going to tackle in this unique course. Normally we are trying to learn and look for the best mechanisms for productivity whether it's a new tool to use or an application to install or a daily routine to follow.....but somehow you end up in square one.....sounds familiar ??

In this course we will break down the traits and habits that will surely destroy any efforts in becoming productive and achieving your goals; we will shed light on the root cause for the lack of productivity and possibly help you develop a better perspective on what is holding you back.

The course project

By the end of this course you will conduct a self analysis where you are going to use the attached listed to write down the key traits that you have learned from the course which you believe could be playing a role in holding you back from living a productive lifestyle. Following Which you will Write down actionable steps that you will take to help you overcome the obstacles and Kick start your Productivity Goals.

15 Lessons

5 mins
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4 mins
Your Project
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9 mins
There Is No Time
5 mins
Cross Blaming
10 mins
7 mins
Lack of Discipline
4 mins
Lack of Growth
8 mins
Lack of Planning
5 mins
7 mins
5 mins
Lack of Patience
5 mins
3 mins
Binge Eating
5 mins
Cycle of Distraction
2 mins
Final Words
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ExpertEase is a one of a kind academy that bridges the gap between the theoretical studies and the field application where our instructors are: Actual …

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