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Project 2019 Advanced

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7h 38m
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If you're a Project Manager and you've been using Microsoft Project but haven't quite got it doing all the heavy lifting for you, then this Microsoft Project 2019 Advanced online course is for you.


Microsoft Project remains one of the most popular Project Management tools. It's a feature-rich program that has the potential to make your projects run as smoothly as possible. To achieve that you'll need to know some of the advanced MS Project features.


What You'll Learn:

●     About resource sharing including setting up a resource pool across projects

●     How to consolidate different projects into a single project

●     How to set up recurring tasks to save you time

●     About custom fields and how to automate calculations in a custom field

●     How Outline and WBS codes work and how to use them in your project

●     How to properly manage costs including setting fixed costs, budgets, variable costs and overtime

●     How custom tables and custom views work

●     Detail on advanced sorting, filtering and grouping

●     Creating customized reports, charts and how to edit certain elements of a report

●     About Earned Value Analysis

●     How to import and export data from Excel, Word and Notepad

●     Using Macros in Microsoft Project


Course Format

This is a video-led course. This course includes practice exercises so you can practice as you learn. This course is suitable for Windows users.

49 Lessons

Chapter 1: Introduction
6 mins
Introduction to Project 2019 Advanced Course
free preview
5 mins
Course Structure
free preview
12 mins
Consolidation and Resource Sharing
Chapter 2: Consolidation and Resource Sharing
10 mins
Resource Sharing
15 mins
Project Consolidation
3 mins
Exercise 01
16 mins
Practical Sharing and Consolidation - Part 1
11 mins
Practical Sharing and Consolidation - Part 2
12 mins
Setting Up Recurring Tasks
Chapter 3: Recurring Tasks
15 mins
Creating a Custom Field
Chapter 4: Custom Fields
12 mins
Calculated Custom Field - Part 1
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Simon Sez IT
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