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Project Planning for Creatives: Getting Things Done with Less Stress and mo

——   Created by Jessica Sanders

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Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught watercolor and mixed-media artist who loves exploring art, and sharing it with you!

Welcome to Project Planning for Creatives: Getting Things Done with Less Stress and more JOY!

As an artist and entrepreneur, I’ve struggled to find faster, easier, less stressful ways to get projects done. I’ve found a way that works for me, and I believe it can work for you, too.

In this class for any level, I share my process for getting things done - also known as productivity

I am a prolific artist. I’ve painted hundreds of paintings - large and small-, and created more than 25 designer tutorial projects in one year - all while teaching online! I’m good at getting things done. I would love to share my process with you. Whether your project is big or small, you can apply this process to make it achievable, and flow smoothly with less stress, and more joy. 

In this class, we will learn:

  • 4 Steps to Successful Project Planning
  • Pre-planning questions to ask yourself before committing to a project
  • Brainstorming/Mind Mapping
  • Workflow Setup
  • Do the Steps

We will also have Breakout Sessions where I share my approach to the steps with an example project. I will also give you helpful tips for scheduling your time, and overcoming challenges you may face along the way.

Planning your project takes the guesswork out of your daily schedule. You know what to do, and when to do it. You know which step comes next. You can see how far you’ve progressed. You can get it done! 

When you complete this class, you will be ready to plan a creative project, such as an art challenge, a series of paintings, or even a creative project for a client! You will have the skills and tools you need to complete that project with less stress and more JOY! 

The course project

For your project, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Plan any project - real or imaginary- using 4 Steps to Successful Project Planning. 

Option 2: Plan for an art challenge, such as World Watercolor Month!

  • Imagine you are joining a 30 day art challenge -like World Watercolor Month! Art challenges are great opportunity for artists to create, connect, and to market their work.
  • Go through the process of planning the project. 
  • Use the templates/printables provided to figure out how you can get the project done.

No matter what project you choose, please share it in the "PROJECT" section! I can't wait to see what you have planned!!

Please tag me on Instagram as well

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Thanks so much!

Jessica Sanders

Artist | Instructor | Designer

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16 Lessons

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Why plan
free preview
1 min
free preview
4 mins
Step 1 - Ask These Questions
free preview
1 min
Breakout Session - Pre-planning
2 mins
Step 2 - Brainstorming
4 mins
Breakout Session - Brainstorming
3 mins
Step 3 - Workflow Setup
2 mins
Breakout Session - Identifying Main Ideas
2 mins
Breakout Session - Ordering Steps
3 mins
Breakout Session - Set Up Project Tracker
3 mins
Tips for Scheduling Your Time
3 mins
Step 4 - Do the Steps!
6 mins
Challenges You May Face
1 min
Review- 4 Steps to Successful Project Planning
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Jessica Sanders
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