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Prosperity of the Soul: Finding Happiness & Live Authentic

——   Created by Paul Scanlon

Uncover your core identity, disconnect from your ego, overcome external pressures that are stifling who you want to be.

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Many of us are going through life on autopilot, unsure of where their life is going, who they are or what they truly want from life.

Fulfilment, happiness and success are all interconnected, but because very few people understand the difference between external and internal validation, most people spend their lives chasing the wrong things.

We live in an age of incredible technological and medical advancement, yet the world is breaking down before our eyes. We are the sickest, most depressed, suicidal, hopeless generation of them all.

In this course, Paul discusses the upcoming age of human flourishing, which evolves from our positive response to personal and social crises from loneliness or mental health issues, poverty, unemployment and human rights.

Living from the inside out is a new rebellion.

Paul condenses the science of happiness to our psychological fundamentals and explores what it means to be happy and why we must stop buying things to make ourselves feel complete. He also dispels the myths about social success and challenges pharmaceutical companies for profiting off keeping people sick.

In this course you will learn:

  • The surprising connection between unhappiness and the ego.
  • The secret way capitalism is sabotaging your happiness.
  • How the pre-psychological consciousness comprises your core identity.
  • How labels separate you from your core identity and make you more disconnected.
  • All about three natures which comprise your personality: biogenic, sociogenic and idiogenic.
  • How to create who you are and overcome social pressures to be something else.
  • What your soul loves and how to do more of it.
  • And much, much more.

28 Lessons

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4 mins
Take a Seat in The Ego Chair
free preview
6 mins
The Beginning of a New Age
5 mins
The Beginning of a New Age
4 mins
Live from the Inside Out
6 mins
The Soul Before the Brain
6 mins
You Are Not Your Labels
7 mins
The Ego is a False Sense of Self
5 mins
You're a Human Being, Not a Human Doing
4 mins
The Self You Need to Find & Lose
6 mins
Stop Living On Autopilot
6 mins
Alignment is the Key to the Self
5 mins
Unlearning is a Superpower
7 mins
Be Brave - Be Yourself
6 mins
Don't Live From Your Ego
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Paul Scanlon
Paul Scanlon
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Following 30+ years working in the not for profit sector Paul has transitioned into a season of empowering and building people through his signature events, …

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