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Proven Strategies to Grow Your YouTube Channel

——   Created by Henrik Olsen

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How to grow a youtube channel? I will answer this during this course by sharing what has worked for me with actionable information you can apply right away after completing this course. I’m Henrik Olsen and I have created a youtube channel with more than 76.000 subscribers and more than 8 million views. 

I read a lot of posts about small channels not growing, and a lot of frustration about why it's not working. Only 0.1% will get more than 1000 subscribers, so that is pretty discouraging is there a way through?  

Youtube is not easy and requires dedication, and as you properly have heard before it’s not a sprint but a marathon, that given we might make the journey as good as comfortable as possible and make your actions count towards the goal of growing your channel 

What you’ll learn

  • How to pick a niece for your YouTube channel
  • How to research your video topics
  • How to create a YouTube channel
  • How to get views, subscribers, and engagement

Let get down to business :-) 

The course project

Shoot a 60-120s channel intro tell me and your audience what your channel is about and share the video and your youtube link as the channel assignment. Who knows if I like it, you get a new subscriber :-)

9 Lessons

2 mins
4 mins
Get Started
3 mins
Decide What Is Your Channel Is About
3 mins
Create Your YouTube Channel
7 mins
Research Your Videos
2 mins
Before You Press Record
6 mins
How To Get Views, Subscribers and Engagement
7 mins
Running an Efficient and Growing YouTube Channel
1 min
Class Assignment

About the instructor

It you!
Henrik Olsen
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Hello, I'm Henrik. I love making videos and taking photos and helping you become a better content creator with your DJI Drone, DSLR, GoPro, and …

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