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The Ultimate Public Speaking Guide Using Psychology

——   Created by The Success Bistro

Learn how to master the art of public speaking while using body language, non-verbal, and verbal cues

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In this course, you will be able to learn (and relearn) the basics of public speaking. While adding in variables of psychology.

Public speaking is a tool that humans in society use every single day, whether it is in business or social settings, this is a tool that will help you reap benefits after mastery.

This course is designed to lead you, no matter what skill level you are at, through the process of planning, writing, and most importantly presenting in front of an audience. No matter how small or how big, your audience’s reaction to your words is what it all comes down to.

Psychology is a huge part of public speaking, whether you realize it or not. How you position yourself, how you move your body, how you pronounce words, and how you cater to the audience’s wants and needs are all important parts of public speaking.

That's why we at The Success Bistro wanted to help you understand and relay the secrets behind giving a speech on any occasion.

Public speaking comes in many forms. You’re public speaking when you introduce yourself as a lecturer. You’re public speaking when you do your stand-up at the comedy club. You’re public speaking when you do a toast at a party.

Learn how to master the art of public speaking while using body language, non-verbal, and verbal cues.

23 Lessons

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Introduction to Public Speaking
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About the Instructor
1 min
About The Success Bistro
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1 min
What is Public Speaking?
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The Speech
1 min
The Speech Overview
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2 mins
Save the Best for Last (And First)
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1 min
Change Modalities
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3 mins
Once Upon a Time
1 min
Rehearse... Properly
2 mins
Add Interaction
1 min
Don't Caveat
The Non-Verbal
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About the instructor

The Success Bistro

Welcome to The Success Bistro. We're committed to helping you learn new skills every day with our educational channel that spans a wide array of …

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