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Pulling the Puddle - Master an essential watercolor technique

——   Created by Chris Carter

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In this class you will learn how to mix the right consistency of water and pigment to achieve a beautiful wash or glaze in watercolor. In the process of creating a fun little painting for your wall, you will gain expertise in the technique of laying down a watercolor wash without streaks! I use this technique for large abstract work, en plein air landscapes and detailed botanical illustration. I consider it my #1 essential watercolor technique. This was the first technique I was taught when learning to paint with watercolor more than forty years ago and I still use it daily!

The course project

You will create a painting of a pear that will fit into a standard 5” 7” frame. The drawing will consist of only six basic shapes that you will paint using the “pulling the puddle” technique. Painting a border of smaller shapes is an option.

Only basic drawing skills are needed. The painting uses only three colors and requires minimal materials: A pencil, permanent fine-tip black marker or fountain pen filled with permanent black ink (platinum carbon ink or Noodler’s Black), a #4, #6 or #8 round brush, watercolor paints, water container, paper towel, mixing palette, watercolor paper and a ½” strip of stiff paper or cardboard.

Your project will be just the right size to slip into a standard 5” x 7” frame that you can hang in the perfect spot to cheer you up throughout the day and encourage you to sketch more and paint more! Makes for a perfect gift for a friend, too. Make sure to share your finished project in the class project gallery!

9 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
4 mins
free preview
4 mins
Drawing the border
2 mins
Drawing the pear
4 mins
Mixing the right consistency
5 mins
Basic technique
10 mins
More puddle pulling
2 mins
Painting the border
2 mins
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Chris Carter
Chris Carter
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In tiny bites, I present tips and techniques I've learned over a lifetime of sketching, drawing and painting. My classes are designed with two purposes in …

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