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Pulling the Puddle - Part Three

——   Created by Chris Carter

Changing colors

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In this class you will learn how to charge your puddle with different pigments to create beautiful color transitions within a streak-free wash.

The course project

Create a Pear Painting with either one or two pears, a surface for them to sit on, a background and a shadow cast by the pears on the surface and the background using only five pulled puddles. Charge each of the puddles with different colors as you pull them. Remember to let each puddle dry completely before you move on to the next puddle.

1. The first pear

2. The second pear

3. The surface the pears are sitting on

4. The background behind the surface and the pears

5. The shadows of the pears

12 Lessons

3 mins
free preview
4 mins
Changing colors materials
free preview
1 min
Drawing the pears
5 mins
Basic technique
3 mins
Painting the first pear
2 mins
Painting the second pear
3 mins
Painting the table
5 mins
Painting the background
5 mins
Painting the shadow
1 min
6 mins
Examples in two painting
2 mins

About the instructor

Chris Carter
Chris Carter
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In tiny bites, I present tips and techniques I've learned over a lifetime of sketching, drawing and painting. My classes are designed with two purposes in …

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