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How to use Punctuation in Cambodian

——   Created by DARA HOK

11 Punctuation in this course will help you to read Cambodian alphabet correctly.

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More about this course

This course is going to teach you 11 punctuation in Cambodian. As you know, there are many Cambodian alphabet which is written with punctuation. So, in this course, you will learn the names of these punctuation, how to use them, how to read and where to place them. After learning this course, you will be able to read Cambodian alphabet written with punctuation correctly. Actually, not only 11 punctuation as you see in this course but also there are more. Why I selected only 11 punctuation in this course because besides these, I have never seen any other punctuation used in the article or in the news.

Also, in this course, I have short explanation for each lecture so that students can understand easily as well as some examples.

To read Cambodian alphabet well, you have to know all components such as Consonants, Sub-Consonants, Dependent Vowels, Independent Vowels and Punctuation. When you know all of these, reading Cambodian alphabet is not a problem anymore.

If you would like to learn all punctuation in Cambodian, this course is a good one for you. Don't be hesitate to enroll this course and I will be here to help you with this. Please have a nice day.

Thank you.

11 Lessons

15 mins
Lecture 01: បន្តក់ "bon-dtog"
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9 mins
Lecture 02: ធ្មេញកណ្តុរ "tmenh-gon-dol"
12 mins
Lecture 03: ត្រីស័ព្ទ "dtrey-sab"
6 mins
Lecture 04: អស្តា "as-sdaa"
9 mins
Lecture 05: ទណ្ឌឃាដ "dtoan-ner-kiadt"
4 mins
Lecture 06: របាទ "rer-baadt"
8 mins
Lecture 07: យុគលពិន្ទុ "yu-g'lea-bpin-dtu"
7 mins
Lecture 08: លេខទោ "layk-dto"
9 mins
Lecture 09: សំយោគសញ្ញា "som-yog-sanh-nhaa"
2 mins
Lecture 10: ខណ្ឌ "kan"
4 mins
Lecture 11: លៈ "lak"

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