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Quantitiy Estimation of Building Project

——   Created by Akshay Kamath

A Entry Level Course to Gain Knowledge on Estimation of Building & its Structural Elements

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3h 51m
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A Entry Level Course on Estimating the Quantities Required for the Building which will Help Students to Gain Entry Level Jobs as a Quantity Surveyor in Any of the Reputed MNC Companies .

Course Contents -

Estimation of Concrete Quantity

Estimation of PCC Quantitiy

Estimation of Shuttering Quantity

Estimation of Sand Filling Quantity

Estimation of Back filling Quantity

27 Lessons

20 mins
Calculate Excavation Quantity
free preview
5 mins
Calculate Sand Filling Quantity
4 mins
Calculate PCC ( Lean Concrete) Quantity
7 mins
Formwork Quantity for Isolated Footing ( Explained with Live Photos )
4 mins
Calculate Footing Concete Quantity ( Live Photos Shown )
free preview
20 mins
Formwork Quantity for Neck Column Pedestal ( Highly Imformative )
2 mins
Cross checking Of Column Numbers with Footing Numbers for Accurate Calculation
5 mins
Calculate Column Concrete Upto Plinth Beam Bottom Neck Column ( Site Photo)
7 mins
Backfilling Quantity , Tipper Trucks Required & Thumb Rule for Backfilling
20 mins
Plinth Beam PCC Quantity Estimation & Learn to Understand Industrial Drawings
15 mins
Plinth Beam Formwork Quantity Calculation ( Highly Informative + All do Mistake)
5 mins
Case Study when secondary Beam Intersect Primary Beam ( Calculate Formwork )
10 mins
Calculate Plinth Beam Concrete Quantity
12 mins
Calculate Column Height Till 1st floor Roof Bottom Level (Highly Informative)
14 mins
Column Shuttering Calculation Till 1st floor Beam Bottom Roof Beam Bottom
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About the instructor

Akshay Kamath
Akshay Kamath
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Akshay Kamath Graduated as Civil Engineer and Worked as Site Engineer at SMCC Pvt Ltd & Later went on to do Post Graduation in Structural …

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