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Read aloud from the Bible

——   Created by Serena Greenslade

This will help preachers, lay readers (LLM), members of the clergy, Vicars, Priests, Bishops, Sunday School teachers.

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This course is for anyone who preaches, lay readers (LLM), members of the clergy, Vicars, Priests, Bishops, Sunday School teachers or anyone who loves to read from the Bible or you may want to give a Bible reading at a wedding or a funeral.

In ancient times the Bible was always shared aloud and being able to read aloud from the Bible is a wonderful skill to have. I started taking Bible Reading exams when I was only 13 years old and have taught people to Gold medal Standard in Reading from the Bible.

This course is a stand alone course and assumes that you have not taken any of my other courses.

Whether you're reading from the Bible, reading from a Prayer book or doing any other religious reading - it will require the same skills as reading aloud any other good literature. During this course I will use mainly the Authorised (King James) Version, (AKJV), the KIngs James Version (KJV) and the Good News Translation (GNT) as well as the Common Prayer Book and children's versions of Bible stories.

Although I talk about Bible Reading, these same rules apply to any religious reading from any religion anywhere in the world.

The Bible is made up of 66 different books. These books are made up of poetry, drama, letters, songs and much more and each makes beautiful use of language.

To read aloud from the Bible with conviction you have to read the words as though you had written them yourself.

You need to say them as though they come from inside you - as though you were the first person to think of these particular words in this order.

Reading aloud from the bible is all about sharing something which evokes a feeling in us.

When you're bible reading you should sound as though you are reading a story to your listeners. It will be a wonderful and exciting bible story so you will need to use your voice to convey this.

20 Lessons

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2 mins
Important Information
free preview
3 mins
Should you read from the Bible or a pice of card?
10 mins
Genesis 1 verses 1 - 13 KJV
11 mins
Genesis 1 verses 1 - 13 GNT
4 mins
Recap vowel and consonant sounds
9 mins
Expression with Mark 8 verses 1 - 9
free preview
13 mins
1 Samuel 3 verses 1- 10 KJV
6 mins
1 Samuel 3 verses 1- 10 GNT
3 mins
Eye contact
2 mins
The 'th' sound
6 mins
Posture and clothes
12 mins
Psalm 23
5 mins
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Serena Greenslade is an experienced speech confidence coach from Dorset, UK and she now lives in central Portugal. Serena qualified in 1994 (A.N.E.A.) as an …

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