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Ready Picture-book slides in Business corporate presentation

——   Created by Shripad Vaidya

No more preaching. Obtain ready 140+ "picture book type" slides . New corporate style of using storytelling slides.

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Tagline: - "No more preaching. Create stories from ready slides and templates in your business and corporate presentations"

Content: - Go to end section. 140+ ready slides with either images, pictures, messages or templates. 100+ Bonus images.

How this ready slides Package helps?- Its a ready package of slides which can be used in you presentation to your boss, colleagues, customer, senior management, investors etc.

Are we not guiding through your video lectures? - Intention is to give you a free suite of ready slides immediately, however, there are 8 different videos on how to use this innovative methodology with ready storytelling type picture-book slides. The least we would do, is to preach the storytelling methodology. Impress your boss, colleagues, and customers with these ready 100+ sharp slides and 140+ complementary slides. Downloads are readily available and can complement as a great support for you. Videos are more useful for our thought process in making this course and can help you get a certification. But this package of slides will help you in your career.

In the contemporary world, most of the presenters have already acquired skills to present their reports or presentation using Excel, PowerPoint, Graphs, Chart, Infographics, etc. Many a times, such presentations are successful with your audiences. However, at some other time, you may find it very difficult to connect with your audience, as your audience may be looking for "reading between the lines" from your presentations, or in other words, they may be looking for a true story behind your presentation.

Welcome to this course of "Ready Picture-book slides in Business corporate presentation". This course complements those presenters with a science of "new methodology and resources" in developing an interesting story out of those routine presentations.

AND THE GOOD NEW IS - this course gives you 100+ ready slide with royalty-free images and correlated ready messages on each of these slides. In addition, the course also gives you ready 40 title templates from Microsoft.

But do we stop at merely offering you the free ready slides? :-

Well, the Answer is -NO.

Along with various ready images, messages and pictures in this video lecture sessions, this course also guides you on - "how to create such slides with pictures and messages?", "where can you acquire such free images or pictures?", "basics about the copyright on the images", "design idea automation available with Microsoft Office Intelligent services esp. using MICROSOFT OFFICE 365".

The following is a detailed description of the course

1. Introduction to this course Picture-book slides in business and corporate presentations .

2. Art of presenting story with Picture-book which includes

• Human Nature of story-telling since early childhood and creating "the best" out of that positivity.

• Replace those "boring, number crunching or mere descriptive presentations" in the business world or in an office environment, with a "story creation" theme.

• Importance of Picture-book slides in the corporate, business or any office.

• Design your ideas for various pictures and images using automation , provided by Microsoft Office Intelligent services and Office 365

• Copyright basics

• Royalty-free Images

• How to create good messaging correlating to each picture or an image.

3. Navigating the difficult terrain with ready slides and messages on topics such as

• Competition

• Difficulties or encumbrances or hurdles

• Deadline

4. Managing the journey with ready slides and messages on topics such as

• Focus

• Travel or destination

• Proactiveness

5. Technology and Innovations with ready slides and messages on topics such as

• Technology

• Innovation

6. Positive results with ready slides and messages on topics such as

• Teamwork

• Money

• Achievement

• Success

7. Microsoft 365 ready templates

• 40 ready slides - Ready Title template from “Microsoft Office Intelligent services”

8. An illustrative case study of how Top company leaders such as Chairman, CEO, and CFO of an Oxygen concentrator Manufacturing company have used picture-book methodology in presenting an investment proposal to the Board of directors and investors, especially, when COVID19 has become a "blessing in Disguise" for them.

Downloadable slides

A. 100+ ready slides with pictures/images and messages on 16 different topics such as

• Competition

• Difficulties or encumbrances or hurdles

• Deadline / Work pressure

• Focus

• Travel / destination

• Proactive

• Technology

• Innovation

• Teamwork

• Money

• Achievement

• Success

• Listening

• Meetings

• Work From Home

• Opportunity

B. 40 ready slides - Ready Title template from “Microsoft Office Intelligent services”

Bonus Download for you: - New 100+ Bonus slides incorporated post first release of this course.

8 Lessons

2 mins
Introductory Video of This Course
9 mins
Introduction to the Course – Ready Slides for “Art of Storytelling” Methodology
8 mins
Navigating the Difficult Terrain – Illustratively Encumberances or Hurdles
3 mins
Managing the Journey Slides Such As Concentration, Destination, Proactiveness
6 mins
Ready Slides Samples Video About Technology and Innovation
11 mins
Positive Results – Illustratively Team Work, Money, Achievement, Success
3 mins
40 Title Format Template Samples Microsoft 365
27 mins
A Case Study Using “Storytelling Slides” Investors Presentation During COVID19.

About the instructor

Shripad Vaidya

I am Global Head of Banking Domain and competency with Hexaware Technologies, providing solutions to banks and financial Institutions, as a part of the Banking …

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