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RESTful APIs and how to Understand APIs

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

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More about this course

In this course you will learn about APIs and RESTful APIs, and how they work.

There is no coding in this course.

By the end of this course you will completely understand how APIs work, and how computers talk to each other. You'll also be familiar with RESTful APIs.

You don't need to be a coder to understand APIs and how they work. I'll be using a real life example of a restaurant to demonstrate how requests work. 

The goal of this course is to help you understand APIs and RESTful APIs without needing to write any code. So next time someone says "API" you will know exactly what they are talking about (and you'll also know it's not really that technical or fancy, but that'll be our secret ;)

Here are the slides:

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The course project

There is no project for this course. It is purely conceptual. Feel free to binge watch all 45 minutes.

Resources mentioned in this course:

16 Lessons

1 min
What is an API?
free preview
3 mins
The Metaphor
free preview
3 mins
APis in Real Life
free preview
2 mins
What Programming Languages Can We Use?
1 min
Introduction To Restful APIs
3 mins
Introduction to JSON
5 mins
Real Life Example with JavaScript
4 mins
GET Requests
3 mins
POST Requests
3 mins
DELETE Requests
5 mins
PUT & PATCH Requests
3 mins
Consuming APIs
2 mins
Requests and Responses
6 mins
Common HTTP Status Codes
1 min
API Security
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Matthew Smith liked this class and said...

it made Api's easier to understand. It explains what all the API jargon stands for.

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