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Rigging a Character in After Effects

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Take your Illustrator File and connect each body part to easily control your character for animation

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Ok, so you prepared a character in illustrator and you want to animate it inside after effects.

The problem is that you have to put every single piece of the body in a new position and that can be very tedious.

Even for simple movements, like weaving good bye to a friend.

You need to do a bunch of clicks and repositioning each single part.

Well, there is a faster way to do it.

You can connect each part of the body, so you can move it easily, with just a few clicks and drags.

And if you need to change the hand, you don’t have to disappear the hand, and reappear another one, no. You can set a rig with replacement animation, and just by moving a switch layer you can easily change to any version of the hand you want.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to rig a character inside after effects.
  • How to set forward kinematics: So you can move your character easily, without having do draw each frame
  • How to set up inverse kinematics: An advanced mathematical formula that lets you control your character easily, and all done automatically without you having to scratch your head figuring out any formula.
  • The clear difference between Forward Kinematics, and Inverse Kinematics, two concepts that a lot of animators are not familiar with.
  • How to set up replacement animation: A technique in which you can change for example, the mouth of your character, to express different phonemes, so then, you can add some lip sync.

Every step is explained in detail, and I also take the time to tell you why we do the things we are doing, so you will always know what we are doing, why and to what outcome.

Very nice.

Enroll now and start rigging your character for your next animation. See you inside.


Music Credits: "DarxieLand" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

18 Lessons

Introduction to Rigging a Character
6 mins
What You Will Learn in This Course
3 mins
Download After Effects
2 mins
03. Download Duik 15
2 mins
Import the Character
Rigging the Character
6 mins
Set Up Joints
6 mins
Set Up Forward Kinematics
3 mins
Pre Compose Layers for Replacement Animation
5 mins
Fixing PreComp Sizes
5 mins
Set Up Joints and Forward Kinematics for Pre Comps
10 mins
Set up Inverse Kinematics
8 mins
Set Up Switch Layer
6 mins
Set Up L_Hand PreComp for Replacement Animation
4 mins
Set Up Time Remap
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