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Rough Guide to Hypothesis Writing

——   Created by Alex Beck

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Alex B.’s Rough Guide to Hypothesis Writing covers what Hypotheses are, why they’re important, examples of them, how to write them, and, of course, what you do with them once they're written.

He also covers typical pitfalls when writing hypotheses.

This class is for anyone working in UX, or in an agile environment, or working on a new or existing project.

The course project

Write a hypothesis for a different group of supermarket customers and, if possible, a different solution for them, and an expected outcome.


As a young professional I need help with healthy eating for myself, and my friends.


Think about the stress imposed on & the behaviour of a shopper, when shopping in a supermarket. Think about how that behaviour can be transferred to an online product.

Think about how friends eat together.

Talk to some working people you know and note the triggers that they respond to.

Remember that the supermarket hopes to sell more products.


A screen shot or photo or short description (as a PDF) of your hypothesis for the young professional and how the outcome can benefit the supermarket / shop.

There's also a PDF version in the Resources.

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Hypothesis Writing Rough Guide

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Alex Beck
Alex Beck
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Alex B. Has been working in UX since, well… way before UX had a name. He’s helped companies with their websites & apps, and worked …

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