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RxJava 3 For Android Developer Masterclass

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Learn From Basic to Advance Topic Of RxJava For Your Android Development

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12h 45m
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RxJava is a very marketable skill, which is in high demand in the industry today. Most of the Android Developer Job require RxJava skill .Whether you are going to use Java or Kotlin for Android Development ReactiveX skill will be a big advantage for you. We will learn RxJava with Room Database and RxJava With Retrofit in two separate project.

This is a RxJava 3 and RxAndroid course for Android Developer . The aim of this course is to teach fundamental concepts of RxJava that takes you from a novice to intermediate RxJava developer. Every concept is explained in detailed manner with code examples.

If you have some basic experience in developing Android application with Kotlin then this course is for you. By the end of this course you should be able to implement RxJava in your Android application.

112 Lessons

7 mins
What is RxJava
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4 mins
Three O of RxJava
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RxJava Operator
5 mins
RxJava Dependencies
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11 mins
Just Operator
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8 mins
RxJava Operators
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8 mins
FromArray Operator
6 mins
From Iterable Operator
8 mins
Range Operator
4 mins
Repeat Operator
12 mins
Interval Operator
5 mins
Timer Operator
7 mins
Create Operator
7 mins
Filter Operator
9 mins
Last Operator
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