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Sacred Geometry & Digital Creativity

——   Created by Scott Onstott

Digital drawing and decoration techniques

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7h 03m
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Scott Onstott guides you through many techniques and workflows for turning digital sacred geometry line drawings into pixel art. The creative possibilities are endless! It's a bit like drawing your own adult coloring book and then decorating to your heart's content.

This course covers a variety of software tips and techniques, for the purpose of drawing, decorating, and experiencing sacred geometry. This course includes chapters showing drawing and/or decoration techniques in the following iPad, Mac, and Windows apps:

  • Sketchbook (iPad, Mac, Win — free mobile and paid pro desktop versions)
  • Euclidea: Sketches (iPad app — free)
  • Procreate (iPad — paid app)
  • Scott's Q sacred geometry drawing app (Mac, Win — open source)
  • Adobe Fresco (iPad, Mac, Win — freemium and paid versions)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Mac, Win — trial and paid versions)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Mac, Win — trial and paid versions)
  • Adobe After Effects (Mac, Win — trial and paid versions)

It is not expected that you will use every one of the above apps, but by including a wide variety of chapters and techniques in this course, your instructor exposes you to new creative possibilities for exploring sacred geometry, no matter whether you own an iPad, Mac, or Windows computer (or any combination).

Many of the apps are available in free, freemium, trial, and open-source versions — making drawing and decorating sacred geometry as accessible as possible to the most people. In addition, some pro and paid versions with premium features are available in some apps for those with an interest and budget to go deeper in their creative explorations of sacred geometry!

This course includes extra content, in the form of (3) versions of Scott Onstott’s Geometra: Coloring Book as 8.5"x11", A4, and PNG formats. You can print these out and decorate with traditional media or import any of the PNG images into your favorite app for digital decoration using techniques learned in this course.

76 Lessons

6 mins
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Sketchbook Raster Drawing (iPad)
7 mins
Raster Vector
8 mins
Getting Started in Sketchbook
13 mins
Drawing the Cirlce
6 mins
Drawing the Square
4 mins
Earth and Moon Proportions
3 mins
The Great Pyramid of Giza's slope angle
6 mins
Preparing for Decoration by Cleaning the Drawing Up
Sketchbook Raster Decorating (iPad)
6 mins
Making Selections
8 mins
Filling and Painting Within Selections
7 mins
Layer Adjustment Possibilities
7 mins
Integrating Raster Images in Sketchbook
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Scott Onstott
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