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The procedures needed to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm, abuse and neglect

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This course provides a guide to the safeguarding procedures that medical practices and other service providers need to have in place to guard against abuse.

Safeguarding procedures are needed within doctors’ surgeries, schools, nurseries, clubs and associations and any organisation dealing with children and young people, and vulnerable adults.

This is not a course about the clinical detection or escalation of safeguarding concerns

The aim of the course is to help providers design the administrative procedures in place that they need for safeguarding

The focus of the course is the United Kingdom but the principles covered in the course, and the procedures presented, should apply anywhere.

The agenda for the course includes:

1.What is Safeguarding?

2.Who is covered by safeguarding?

3.The Responsibilities of Service Providers

4.Key Decisions for Service Providers

5.Documents relating to safeguarding

6.Registration of new service users

7.Identification of Concerns

8.Proactive Analysis of Issues

9.Collaborative Review

10.Audit of Effectiveness

13 Lessons

3 mins
Introduction to Safeguarding
2 mins
What is Safeguarding?
6 mins
Key Decisions for Service Providers
3 mins
What does this mean for Service Providers
3 mins
Documents relating to Safeguarding
3 mins
The Registration of New Service Users
2 mins
Identification of Concerns
2 mins
The Proactive Analysis of Issues
3 mins
Collaborative Review
2 mins
Audit of Effectiveness
5 mins
Embedding Safeguarding Procedures (Part 1)
3 mins
Relevant Safeguarding Legislation (Part 2)
3 mins
Key Learning Points and Resources for Further Information

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Ross Maynard
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