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Sales Training: Master Your Sales Pitch

——   Created by Applied Excellence

KickAss Sales Pitch: Sales Training Course; Sales Skills; Selling Techniques; Sales Strategies for B2B & B2C

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Make every presentation a winning presentation through an effective eight-step process that ensures every detail is covered. Learn how to portray an authentic enthusiasm that ignites your audience, energizing every presentation so it becomes a personalized, emotionally charged interactive experience! Learn a powerful six-step process that will separate you from your competition, instilling the trust and confidence needed for your client to make the decision before you even present your product.

  • How to Structure a Dynamic Presentation: Structuring a dynamic presentation. Learn the eight-step process that will allow you to effectively communicate the benefits and results that match your client needs and ensure that every presentation leaves your customer wanting what you are selling!
  • Negotiation and Price Presentation: The importance of when and how you present your price or the investment during the presentation can make a sale or break one. Learn how to break price down, focus on the investment while establishing a choice for your buyer where you are the only decision they need to make!
  • The Pre-Presentation: Learn how to instill the trust needed through a powerful six-step process that enables your potential client to confirm agreement before leading into your presentation. Outsell your competition by creating a credible platform that reinforces there will be zero risk for your client in making the decision to move forward! 
  • The Actual Presentation: Your presentation should reinforce what you have already said your customer will gain by owning or using your product. You’ve already instilled the trust of your customer and reinforced in previous meetings the potential value to be gained. Now you simply need to reinforce the facts to ensure the sale. 
  • Features Functions Benefits Results: Learn how to transition from Features, Functions, Benefits and open the mind of your prospective customer, gain their trust and emotionally achieve their acceptance (“buy-in”) to commit to the sale!
  • How to Elevate Value During Your Presentation: Learn how to elevate value during your presentation and increase the value perception of the benefits you present to your customer, what benefits to focus on and how to elevate the value of what you are offering.
  • How to Customize Your Presentation: Winning presentations require a framework and structure that can be easily customized and tailored to each client. Learn how to effectively communicate the benefits and results that match your client needs.
  • How to Create a Presentation that Emotionally Connects: Learn what to focus on to ensure emotional connection to your buyer, how to create dissatisfaction for their existing product and what will inspire them to want what you are offering!
  • Presentation Message Ending

The advanced and up-to-date selling skills and strategies are presented in their simplest form, offering you the ability to quickly and easily achieve the tremendous rewards that professional selling has to offer without having to learn the hard way. My goal is for you to work smarter-not harder and immediately gain from the knowledge I have gleaned from the thousands of sales calls and presentations I have made, the hundreds of books I’ve read, audio books I’ve listened to and sales seminars I’ve attended. The content of this sales training offers a perfect blend of fresh, thought provoking and effective techniques from the award-winning book “The Sales Pro” and international best selling book “The Go-Giver”. 

What’s “The Go-Giver” you may ask? Not only is it endorsed by great leaders such as Stephen M.R Covey, Michael E. Gerber and Brian Tracy, it is the key to exceptional leadership and cultural excellence. Shifting your focus from getting to giving is the simplest, most fulfilling and most effective path to success in business and in life.

My intent is to trigger a willingness for the you to “wake up” or “move forward” through skills and techniques that support your personal evolution into becoming an even better version of who you are, or perhaps change to become the person or sales person who you always wanted to be.

Your trainer, Paul Anderson, has accumulated over 25 years of experience within the field of sales, which includes both teaching and selling. He’s the man behind The Sales Pro, he was the top performing salesman at a fortune 100 company and he has been handed over 20 sales awards. Plus, he’s the author of two award-winning sales books – ‘The Sales Pro’ and ‘The Sales Pro Meets His Mentor'. With the wealth of knowledge he has acquired, he’ll teach how the strategies work, and how to apply them. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll have the confidence, and know-how to deal with it effectively.

Take the course NOW and never look back!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to move forward in the world of sales!
  • Beginner OR Advanced salespeople

12 Lessons

The Pre Presentation
2 mins
First and Foremost
Customizing a Dynamic Presentation
7 mins
Structuring a Dynamic Presentation 8 Step Process
3 mins
Elevating Value During Your Presentation
10 mins
How to Customize Your Presentation
3 mins
Presentations that Emotionally Connect
7 mins
Negotiation and Price Presentation
4 mins
Actual Presentation
3 mins
Features Funcions Benefits and Results
1 min
3 mins
Celebrity Moment
4 mins
Action Plan
2 mins
Final Word

About the instructor

Applied  Excellence

Paul Anderson is the CEO & Founder of Applied Excellence learning and development company. At Applied Excellence, we are committed to inspiring excellence in business, …

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