Scarcity to Abundance

——   Created by Karim Benammar

Shifting your thinking about consuming, ecology, economics and choices

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Life is abundant, but we are stuck in a scarcity frame. When we think and act from this frame of scarcity, we use the wrong strategies to deal with global challenges such as our ecological and economic crises. In this course, we will explore how to approach these challenges from an abundance frame, and what an economics of abundance would look like.

In our private lives, we are also confronted with an abundance of choices and possibilities. I outline two strategies to help us enjoy this abundance instead of being overwhelmed by it. What would it be like to experience our lives as giving rather than taking? What does it take to feel truly rich?

By exploring these clearly presented topics, you will learn to give shape to your individual life, as well as to our global, communal future, from a frame of abundance.

I have spent more than twenty years thinking and writing about scarcity and abundance, and hope these key concepts and insights will help you.

22 Lessons

2 mins
Scarcity and Abundance
3 mins
The scarcity paradigm
2 mins
Consumption and scarcity
4 mins
Symbolic consumption
3 mins
Mimetic desire
2 mins
The scarcity frame
3 mins
Solar energy
2 mins
Solar surplus
3 mins
Glorious or catastrophic
2 mins
The abundance paradigm
3 mins
Abundance in ecology
3 mins
3 mins
3 mins
Virtuous circles
2 mins
Scarcity economics
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About the instructor

Karim Benammar

    Karim Benammar is a philosopher specialized in Thinking Techniques and the Philosophy of Abundance. His vision is to help people think about the paradigm shift …

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